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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the exciting book "Gunman's Dawn" by downloading the new, improved 20th Anniversary Edition - exclusively on Kindle!

About Gunman's Dawn

Gunman’s Dawn follows the life of John Howard, an embittered gunfighter, and former Confederate guerrilla who rides into the Black Hills in 1876 trying to escape his past. During his journey, he learns that he cannot outrun the consequences of the violent life he has led and must confront and overcome his baser instincts to find his way. Old friends, new enemies, and new friends collide in tumultuous interaction that makes the gunman use every bit of his courage, skill, and resourcefulness to survive. Will he find the peace and redemption he seeks?


Gunman's Dawn is a novel that reflects the Western genre so well-represented by writers of the past. Its fast-moving plot captures the reader's interest from the opening paragraph and holds it until the final page. The violence of the era is central to the novel's main theme.

What sets this novel apart from many other contemporary Westerns is painstaking and lengthy research. Gunman's Dawn will find broad appeal among aficionados of classic Westerns because of its gritty realism and nonstop action.  It will also be appreciated by other readers because of its believable characters and intriguing storyline.


The Gunman's Dawn 20th Anniversary Edition is an updated revision of the first edition, and includes new material.

About Gary Wayne

"Gary Wayne" is a pseudonym for the author, whose previous position with the federal government precludes the use of his true name. His career as a federal agent enables him to write with credibility about criminal justice matters. He is also a martial arts instructor and firearms instructor who has trained hundreds of law enforcement, military, and civilian personnel.


This background is demonstrated in his ability to realistically describe conflict and violent confrontations. His experience as an adjunct university instructor is shown in the careful research that ensures that his novels are historically accurate and authentic to the Western genre.   


Gary is currently working on other Western novels that are sequels to “Gunman’s Dawn”.